Daffodil & Narcissus Guide


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Guide to Daffodils & Narcissus Bulbs

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Planting Inspiration


We think daffodils are blooming marvellous for brightening up the garden after the typical damp, miserable UK winter. Even more so when they are placed in a vase inside the house.


Here we will give you some handy tips and inspiration for creating an impressive display of bright & healthy coloured daffodil flowers for years to come. If you are looking specifically for fragrant flowers - click here.

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Inspiration for creating dazzling daffodil displays:


With the amazing amount of different daffodils out there, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on which varieties to use. Depending on your own personal requirements, here we will go over things you may wish to consider;


Mixing Colours


There is a bit of a knack to mixing colours. Yes, you could just buy a few different varieties and plant them, but some colours work better together than others. Why not try a variety of bright, bold colours. Daffodils can come in plenty of different yellows, oranges, various shades of white and even pinks. This is obviously down to personal tastes of course, but we think that orange and white work together well, as does pink & white. You could even mingle between the bold colours with multi-coloured blooms to give a natural progression of colour from one side of your border/plot to the other.


Try working with differing flowering periods


Creating a large display with daff's that flower in February, March & April can bring light and warmth to your garden in an otherwise fairly quite time. Using different coloured varieties will simply add to the effect too. It's worthwhile thinking about what other plant varieties will be flowering in your garden at that same time.

Naturalise under tree's or around ponds & water features. Bear in mind that the bulbs won't want to be waterlogged, but due to their shallow root system they shouldn't cause any damage to pond liners, etc. Often miniature varieties are chosen to go around waterfalls or similar features.


Unless you are trying to create bold shapes or patterns with your bulb planting, scatter them in the area where you are placing them and plant them where they fall. This helps to create a more natural looking display.


Some varieties of daffodil are renowned for their vigour or reliability. Many gardeners choose to opt for types they know will perform year on year, but with such a large choice available it's worth looking through individual suppliers lists to see what's on offer.


Using containers & pots


A great way to brighten up your patio is planting daffodil bulbs into pots. Make sure you don't overfill the container with too many bulbs - space them about 3-4 inches apart and about 6 inches deep. Use a free draining compost mix and the bulbs should get all the nutrients they need from that. Just make sure the containers don't dry out.



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