Daffodil & Narcissus Guide


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Guide to Daffodils & Narcissus Bulbs

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Spade & Bulbs pic Bulbs Watering Can pic Daffodil 1 Daff - Green Pearl

Green Pearl


An exquisite variety, bright white with striking green eye. An excellent variety for pots too, Green Pearl narcissus is also non-attractive to deer or squirrels.


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Daff - Red Devon

Red Devon


Another beautiful variety of daffodil is Red Devon. Vivid yellow perianth with striking bright orange cup. Grows to a height of 45cm.


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wordsworth daffodils 2

Wordsworth Daffodils


Aka as Tenby, or Obvallaris, as mentioned in the poem 'I wandered lonely as a cloud'. Golden yellow with sturdy stems. Height 35cm, long lasting flowers.


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Daff - Minnow



It's a great little daffodil for growing on the patio in pots, or in rockeries. Minnow has a very sweet fragrance and establishes well.


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Pheasant Eye


Popular fragrant variety and a great choice for naturalising in lawns. Late flowerer, usually mid April. Poeticus narcissus, also known as Recurvis.


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Daff - Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom


Cyclamineus hybrid variety, reflexed petals with long, golden trumpets. Good lasting qualities and free flowerer. 35cm tall.


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Shop button Buy Now button png Daff - February Gold

February Gold


Another great choice for pots. Splendid flowers have have a long lasting quality, therefore also good as cut flowers.


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Daff- Dutch Master

Dutch Master


Well loved daffodil; large golden trumpets with a delicate fragrance. Good choice for pots or vases. 45cm tall.


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DAff - Baby Moon

Baby Moon


Free flowering miniature variety which produces a lovely orange blossom type fragrance. 18cm tall.


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Daff - Quail



Attractive scented flower, Jonquil variety. Reaches a height of 35cm and flowers in April.


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