Daffodil & Narcissus Guide


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Guide to Daffodils & Narcissus Bulbs

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Spade & Bulbs pic Bulbs Watering Can pic Daffodil 1 Daff - Professor Einstein

Professor Einstein


Vivid orange cup and bright white petals contrast well. Flowers early April. 45cm tall.


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Daff - Flower Parade

Flower Parade


Tangerine orange with cream. Slight hints of green. Flowers late March / early April. 40cm tall.


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Daff - Tiritomba



Striking orange cups with yellow perianth. Flowers in April. 40cm tall.


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Daff - Charlotte Vreeburg

Charlotte Vreeburg


Stunning orange & yellows contrast against its pale petals. Height 40cm tall.


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Daff - Red Devon

Red Devon


Lemon yellow with bright orange cup. Flowers in mid March. 45cm tall.


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Daff - Carbineer



Golden yellow with oranges. Flowers in early April. 45cm tall.


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Shop button Buy Now button png Daff - Burma



Sulphur yellow with vivid cup. Establishes well. Flowers in mid April. Height 50cm tall.


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Narcissi Derringer



American multi-headed variety. Works well in pots. Flowers in late April. Height 35cm.


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Jonquilla Narcissi Suzy 2



Bright tangerine cups. 2-3 heads per stem and flowers profusely. Flowers in late April. 45cm tall.


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Daff - Berlin



Ruffled orange cups with lemon yellow perianth. Flowers in late March / early April. 40cm tall.


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