Daffodil & Narcissus Guide


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Guide to Daffodils & Narcissus Bulbs

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Spade & Bulbs pic Bulbs Watering Can pic Daffodil 1 Daff - Perfect Lady

Perfect Lady


Snow white petals with rich reddish/pink cup. Flowers March/April. 40cm tall.


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Daff - Pink Charm

Pink Charm


Glorius pink narcissus, medium sized flowers. Bright white perianth. Flowers mid March. 40cm tall.


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Daff - Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet


Large, lightly frilled salmon pink cups. Creamy white perianth. Flowers in April. 40cm tall.


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Daff - Katie Heath

Katie Heath


Multi-headed pale pink cups with waxy white reflexed petals. Flowers in April. 35cm tall.


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Large double flower heads with quite unique apricot pinks. Flowers in March/April. 45cm tall.


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Daff - British Gamble

British Gamble


Largest daffodil head ever! Pale yellow trumpet turning apricot pink. Flowers in March. 45cm tall.


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Shop button Buy Now button png Daff - Delnashaugh



Another fine pink double daffodil. Flowers in mid April. Apricot/pink centre. 45cm tall.


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Daff - Apricot Whirl

Apricot Whirl


Huge flowers up to 10cm wide. Split corona with salmon pink and apricot. 35cm tall.


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Daff - Taurus



Gorgeous yellow, orange and salmon pink coronas. Late flowerer, April to May. 40cm tall.


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Daff - Reggae



White with salmon pink cups. Lightly reflexed petals. Flowers in February/March. 35cm tall.


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